Wyoming CCUS Study

At the request of the state of Wyoming, LTI assisted the US Department of Energy in conducting a carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) study for selected coal-fired power plants. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential opportunities for retrofitting existing power plants, the economic impact on local communities, and the overall reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Colorado CO2 Study

LTI assisted the US Department of Energy in evaluating the potential for capturing carbon dioxide (C02) from existing coal-fired power plants in the state of Colorado. There were two phases to this study.

Phase I: CO2 Resource Study

Phase I of this study provided a broad assessment of CO2 resources in the state and analyzed opportunities for capturing CO2 from coal-fired power plants to support nearby enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

Phase II: Economic Impact Assessment of CCS Retrofit of the Comanche Generating Station

Phase II of this study presented a techno-economic case study of adding CCUS to the Comanche Generating Station as a representative coal-fired power plant.

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